On Sunday the 13th, we’ll be joined by the wonderful Zhenya Polosatova for a session on reflective practice. 

Zhenya is a teacher trainer based in Ukraine. She runs one of our favourite ELT blogs: Wednesday Seminars. In her previous session, we learned so much that we immediately told her she can come back any time. We’re very happy that she decided to take us up on the offer. 

Here’s Zhenya’s abstract for the session:

How to Practice Reflective Practice

This topic can be a bit tricky for a webinar, as we can’t offer a magic recipe to practice reflective skills. Learning to think reflectively takes time, and it can be hard to get started without seeing the ‘bigger picture,” or the reason for doing it.

In this session, we will think about the following questions:


  • What are some obstacles and challenges to practicing reflection on a regular basis? (and do all those challenges have some solutions?)
  • How (else) can teachers practice reflection?
  • What can teachers reflect on?
  • What are (y)our favorite reflective practice tools?
  • (and what are your questions about reflective practice?)

It may happen that you will leave the session not having the answers to all the questions. Or even with new questions to think about.

The session will be starting at 11 a.m. UTC. You can check what time that will be in your local time zone here. To sign-up for the session, fill out the form below. We’ll send out an email with details of how to join one day and one hour before the session starts.