The ELT Workshop is a company for anyone who has ever felt let down by traditional books, conferences, or resources for English language teachers. We provide teacher-empowering, innovative and high quality resources, written and published with a personal touch.

Every teacher has some teaching books that are still in pristine condition, and a few that are obviously well-used. Our goal is to make the books and resources that will end up well-used. All our products are designed to inspire and provoke thought, both when you buy them and years later.


Timothy Hampson and Michael Griffin met through a shared interest in professional development and have worked together on #KELTchat, excitELT and conference presentations before. One night, over pizza, we discussed how many people with fascinating ideas aren’t published because their ideas are too niche; how we’d love to see more books written by teachers working in East Asia; and how interesting it would be to be involved in the publishing process. By the last slice, we had a plan to turn a new page on ELT publishing.

Tim Hampson

Tim Hampson

Creative Director

Tim is a teacher, coffee lover, public speaking coach, and writer based in Shanghai. He dreams of riding a motorcycle across Thailand and Malaysia. He is the presenter of ELT WTF, an English language teaching podcast, and founder of excitELT, an ‘alternative’ teaching conference. He also helps run #KELTchat, blogs, and has been a presenter at conferences in Nanjing, Gwangju, Wonju, Tokyo and Seoul.

Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin

Editor in Chief

Despite initially only planning on spend a year in South Korea, Michael Griffin has been involved in teaching and teacher development there for over a decade. He currently teaches at a university in Seoul and also works with teachers on The New School MA TESOL program.

Mike is a founding member of #KELTchat and has presented at a range of conferences across Asia. He has a long-running and popular blog called ELT Rants Reviews and Reflections.