On the 23rd of December at noon, we’ll be hosting our next Talking Shop session, ‘What’s going on with you these days, Rhiannon Carter?’ This session will be held on Zoom at midday UCT. You can check what time that is for you here.

Rhiannon is a language teacher and regular Talking Shop attendee based in Scotland. Our Wednesday Talking Shop sessions are informal hangouts that attempt to recreate the feeling of a staff room full of really cool teachers. After a festive game of Workshopping, Rhiannon will introduce something that’s been going on with her recently. This will jumpstart a discussion based on questions she has brought.

If you’d like to attend this session and you’re not on the mailing list, please fill out the form below. If you’re already on the mailing list, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll send out a reminder the night before the session as well as one hour before it with a link to the Zoom room.