On Wednesday July 28th at 10am UTC (click here to see that in your local time zone), we will be back for our monthly ‘What’s going on with you these days?’ session. Our guest this time is Maria Glazunova, a teacher, author, and speaker from Ukraine. Tim met Maria on the ITDI Dogme course. Since the course, Maria has been busy organising Dogme meetups and writing a book on reducing emotional burnout. It seems like an interesting time, so we wanted to invite her on to find out more. Here’s how Maria introduced herself:

Maria Glazunova is a Cambridge certified ESL teacher, language coach, author and speaker from Ukraine. She has been teaching for 12 years. Emotional burnout led to a radical change in her approach. After intensive training with Scott Thornbury, she started to teach without coursebooks.

Her focus now is to help teachers to reduce and prevent emotional burnout and make lessons more practical. She has just published her first book How to reduce your time preparing for online classes and prevent emotional burnout’

For our ‘What’s going on with you these days?’ sessions, we invite a guest to discuss what they’ve been up to recently. Then we break up into small groups to discuss questions from the guest and other topics that emerge. The vibe, as always, will be ‘a virtual staffroom full of our favourite teachers.’ If you want to come, make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list by filling in the form below.