On Sunday at 3pm UTC (click here to see that in your local time zone), we’ll be teaming up with friend of the ‘Shop Lina Gordyshevskaya to bring you a hands-on session about learner anxiety. If you’d like to attend this session and you’re not on the mailing list, please fill out the form below. If you’re already on the mailing list, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll send out a reminder the night before the session as well as one hour before it with a link to the Zoom room. Here’s Lina’s description of the session:

See the fear on your students’ faces when you assign a speaking task? Wonder why some students just can’t stop chatting while others – and not necessarily those at lower levels! – can hardly produce a sentence? In this session, we will be looking at how foreign language anxiety (FLA) may interfere in a foreign language learning process, and what strategies can be applied by students and teachers to reduce/minimize it. The session is highly interactive so be ready to use your mic and camera!

We hope you’ll decide to give yourself the gift of professional development this Valentine’s Day,

Mike and Tim