Does the World Need Another ELT Publisher?

You’re probably too polite to ask this question, but we think it’s one that is worth answering. There are a large range of ELT publishers, from monolithic worldwide publishers to one person outfits sharing their materials. We didn’t start The ELT Workshop to jump on a publishing bandwagon; we started it because we think we have something unique to offer. I want to outline some of those things in this post.

Focused on Flexibility

Flexibility is important for us because every classroom is different. You know the needs of your classroom best. Really helpful resources for teachers save them time and provide them a variety of great ideas and things to do in the classroom.  Think of a pack of cards that provide instant conversation starters that can fit in anywhere in a class or a textbook that the teacher can easily adapt to be about the things that interest them.

A Dream Team

 Tim presenting at KOTESOL International Conference 2015. Mike is sitting top left. 

Tim presenting at KOTESOL International Conference 2015. Mike is sitting top left. 

We hate to blow our own trumpets, but we have a very good team.

Timothy has been involved with publishing and design since 2008 since he was an editor for his university newspaper. He has been typesetting and designing logos and websites since then.

Mike is a tutor on one of the best MA TESOL programs in the world and has one of the most successful ELT blogs in Asia. He’s been in the field for more than 16 years and has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, trainer-trainer, curriculum developer, substitute teacher, and assistant director.

Both of us are highly involved in the ELT conferencing and professional development scenes. Between us we have presented in Korea, China, Russia, Japan, Cambodia and Thailand . We’re well positioned to be on the cutting edge of thought in ELT.


In Asia, we are surrounded by teachers who are extremely talented, but haven’t been published. We want to change that. Asia is a unique and interesting area to be an English language teacher in and it is full of teachers doing inspiring work. These ideas should be more widely known; by being located in Asia, we have an opportunity to make sure they are.

Finding a Niche

Being a small company means we’re able to publish more specialized ELT resources than other companies. In the coming months,  we’ll be announcing some resources that aren’t designed for everyone, but that will be very useful for some teachers. By focusing on these niches, we think we can provide something different to other publishers and offer real value for teachers.